Fri, 09/23/2011 (All day) to Fri, 09/30/2011 (All day)
CleanTechOpen: Idea Competition Deadline

Q: How does the Ideas Competition work?
A: To enter the competition, entrants are asked to briefly describe their ideas, and why it's groundbreaking. The idea submissions will be reviewed to select finalists to compete in a national competition. Selected finalists will present a five minute pitch in their country. In November, during Global Entrepreneur Week, one national winner from each country will compete on the global stage during the Cleantech Open Awards Gala, attended by a live audience of 2,500 clean technology experts, investors, and enthusiasts, and press from around the world. The Global Cleantech Open Ideas winner will receive at least $100,000 worth of startup services from startup experts.

Q: What is the schedule?
A: Our 2011 Ideas Competition Schedule is:

March - October Contestants register their ideas
October Last day to register your idea is September 30
Coaches help contestant teams to develop a 5 minute pitch
Judges select national winners in late October
November A 5-minute videotaped presentation for national finalists is due by October 15
Q: Who can enter the competition?
A: Anyone looking to turn their clean technology idea into a thriving business can apply. Entrants can be sole proprietors, teams or early-stage companies. To be eligible, your entity must have received less than $500,000US in external private financing at the time of competition entry. Grant funding and any money from friends and family are excluded from this $500,000 limit.