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  • Do you need to help with your job search?
  • Do you need an independent professional to analyze your resume/CV for you?
  • Do you need help developing a targeted resume?
  • Do you need help developing a targeted statement of goals and objectives?
  • Do you need expert review of your job search materials and strategy?
  • If you are in the job market you probably do.
I can help you with your job search, review your resume, and other search materials and advise you on how to put together a winning job search strategy and packet.

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About Me

My name is Edward Kamau, I run an online business news, consulting, international trade and promotion resource. I hold a BA degree in Political Science, an MBA in finance with a minor in Marketing and I have completed Doctoral level course work in Strategic Management and Marketing.

I have also taught International Business, Marketing, Finance, Management, Business Law and Economics at both undergraduate and graduate level at a number of US Colleges and Universities. During my career I have also served on numerous hiring committees and reviewed hundreds of job application packets and materials. Along with years of experience on the employer side I have also given advice on job searches and strategies, job application materials, resumes etc to hundreds of graduating students at both undergraduate and graduate level.
I can help you with your job search. Part of my mission and therefore that of is to become a place where you can find unbiased, honest expertise to help with your business, your career or your life goals and strategy. This Job Search Help initiative is part of that mission.

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